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[21.06.2013] - new version DjVu plugin available

We recommend You to download and install the latest version of the DjVu plugin.

Direct link:

[16.12.2010] - 0.5 million of publications in the PIONIER DLF!

At the moment on the PIONIER DLF website you can search in collections of 58 digital libraries. It is estimated that the number of growth of the number of publications is 15 000 each month. All publications are available without any fee. The list of cooperating digital libraries can be found at

After the first year of operation p_b_c resources are already 1% of all publiactions in Polish digital libraries

[08.01.2010] - Pomeranian Digital Library is part of the Digital Libraries Federation (DLF)

From 07th January 2010 Pomeranian Digital Library is part of the Digital Libraries Federation (DLF). Thanks to that resources of our library are accessible through DLF network and it is easy to browse them for users of other digital libraries associated in the DFL.

Furthermore digitalisation schedule of Pomeranian Digital Library is adjusted to Digital Libraries Federation schedules. More information about advantages of network participation and network services provided by DFL is accessible through link on our main page.

[05.01.2010] - Welcome in Pomeranian Digital Library

We are pleased to inform you about opening of Pomeranian Digital Library, the biggest of the kind initiative in Northern Poland!

We are offering you access to publications of Project Partners which we displayed first hoping you will find it interesting and useful.

We encourage you to follow our offer which is going to be dapperly broaden with new publications and new interesting for our Readers collections.


Council Partners of Pomeranian Digital Library Project